How do I dispense the Eco-Tube deodorant?

What can I do if the deodorant gives me a rash?

Is your baking soda aluminum free?


How do I dispense the Eco-Tube deodorant?

If your Eco-Tube deodorant seems stuck and will not push up, watch the video for some tips.

What can I do if the deodorant gives me a rash?

First of all, baking soda is incredibly effective at neutralizing odor. It does this by creating an alkaline environment against your skin where bacteria cannot thrive. Having a layer of baking soda on your skin causes the skin in that spot to become more alkaline than it's normal pH, and so the body releases acids to counteract this and regain normal pH levels. If your body releases LOTS of acid, then the skin may become inflamed and a rash may appear.

So what should you do?

The first way to deal with this is to stop using the deodorant, allow the irritation to calm down, and then give it another try using the following tips. 

  • Apply minimally.
  • Don't apply twice in one day without showering in between. 
  • Wash armpits gently and thoroughly between applications.
  • Only apply to warm, damp skin so deodorant glides without friction.

If this is your first time using a natural deodorant, do not be discouraged. It can take a little time to adjust, but we assure you it's worth it. Reactions are few and far between, but they do happen. If you have a rash that persists after trying everything we've mentioned, give our BAKING SODA FREE Sensitive Skin Formula a try.

Is your baking soda aluminum free?

The baking soda we use is from Natural Soda in Colorado. We phoned the sales rep, Ryan Stanton, to gain accurate information on the topic of aluminum in baking soda.

Natural Soda baking soda is extracted from 2000 feet underground using hot water. They are the only facility in the country that uses that method and extracts 100% sodium bicarbonate. This company supplies other companies, including Bobs Red Mill, with baking soda. Bobs Red Mill actually claims that their baking soda is "aluminum free", but according to Ryan they have since removed this claim. That isn't to say that they realized that there is aluminum in their soda, it's because they can't determine that there isn't.

Natural Soda has had 3rd party testing done to determine its purity, and no test has ever shown the presence of aluminum. However, because sodium bicarbonate is mined out of the ground, and geographically we know that the earth is made up of many different minerals, there is a POSSIBILITY that there may be heavy metals in their product. The measurement (5ppm <parts per million> of heavy metals) is a precautionary statement the company is making. That is the maximum measurement of naturally occurring heavy metals that may be present, it may be less. Aluminum may be one of those metals, or may not. 

According to Ryan, organic baking soda does not exist. He said they are OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) certified, which is a product that is pure enough to be used in organic products.



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