KL Skin Naturals began in 2012 with a desire to produce natural, handmade skin and personal care products that would be both simple in nature, and effective in design. 

To me, KL Skin isn't just a business or a product. It's my way of life. Behind the scenes, I live the true lifestyle of an entrepreneur. I am home most of the time, and I almost never get enough sleep. I have a daughter who goes to school, participates in sports, and has a small business of her own. My partner also owns a bustling business he is very passionate about. I have pets, a garden and chickens, I recycle, cook, clean, shuttle, plan, manage, fuss, obsess, give up, and try again. I've read Little House on the Prairie about 28 times. I ride motorcycles in my spare time. Oh, and I only have 4 fingers on my left hand. 

I pour my heart into every corner of what is involved in running this business with the hope that my creations will touch your lives and bring some of the joy and pleasure I get from making them. 

In the wake of building a working kitchen in my home last fall which allowed me to expand, I decided to merge KL Skin with another local company called Kitchen Witch Bath & Body Alchemy. Kitchen Witch owner and creator, Kelly-Rae, has passed on all her beautiful, carefully crafted recipes and methods to us here at KL Skin headquarters. You can see and shop the stunningly unique and decadent bath bombs, serums, and other delightful goodies on our website or in select stores.


A big thank you goes out to the people who are also part of the KL/KW team. Heather, product manufacturing specialist, Will the graphic and web design pro at Willoid Art & Design, my ever patient friends and family who have been willing guinea pigs over the years, as well as all the local business who supply ingredients and who carry these products on their shelves! This business would never have made it to this phenomenal level without these amazing people. Local supports local. Thank you 🤍